The Day Brexit Didn’t Happen…

… We got up early to go to the beach but after a coffee or two decided to go back to bed.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I walked the dog around the field in front of our house after we got up eventually.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I decided to go and get some petrol. I also took the mail to the post.

The day Brexit didnt happen a business expert on BBC4 said that the UK economy would prove Brexit isn’t all that bad. It was a warm and sunny day by the way.

The day Brexit didnt happen I had a cafe au lait and a baguette with brie and visualized myself with the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world sitting on Mont Martre enjoying Paris’s skyline.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I pruned my first buddlia. I also saw a huge bumble bee and two ladybirds.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I hardly watched the news because there are no news.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I made delicious one bowl brownies and lit a fire because it got chilly in the evening.

The day Brexit didn’t happened I wondered where all this will end.

Image of nettles with two lady birds on them

Bumble bee on white flower surrounded by green plants

Budlia behind purple magnolia not yet pruned. Black greyhound at the left side

Budlia pruned with shadow of woman underneath

Brownie dough in baking tray before baking

So Brexit day came and went and we are non the wiser. The right wing Brexiteers threaten with riots (what a surprise) and MP’s voted May’s deal down for the third time. She threatens with a fourth vote. Wtf? Sorry for my language. The BBC local news started their evening with the phrase ” The Day Brexit Didn’t happen” and it made me laugh so I thought I do a post about it.

Some politician on that BBC4 program I mentioned said he thinks that all MP’s have lost their minds and have a communal nervous break down. That made me laugh too. At least something positive in all this mess.

Hope you have a good day, evening or night and live in a country that hasn’t gone mad yet.

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