Loving Ourselves, Green Tea and Visualising


close-up of Bee with her Skipworth Zoomie mug in front of her face

close-up of Bee with her Skipworth Zoomie mug in front of her face


Welcome to “Mindful Music Monday Mug” & “Love Yourself Challenge” . We are informal here. No perfect presentation of ourselves but loving the way we are with all the frizzy hair, laughing lines around our eyes and the messy home too! I hope this photo makes you smile. 

Welcome back self-care ninjas! How has your week been?  Have you experienced the power of smiles?  And how was that for you? I think this smiling is a great way to improve our wellbeing and I keep doing it daily

description for visually impaired readers: photo of The Bee with open ginger hair wearing a white cardigan and brown and black shirt. Background a white wooden door, bowl with oranges and printer on a wooden table

As mentioned before for the month of March “Mindful Music Monday Mug” has an added bonus: I am taking part in a challenge called “Love Yourself” by Carol Anne from “Therapy Bits” in which she invites us to find something we love about ourselves every day. One heck of a challenge I would say. But maybe it’s not so difficult for you?

Here is what Carol Anne wrote on the first day of the challenge:

“List something, or more than one thing, you love about yourself, for the entire month of march!
Each day, we’ll make a daily post calling it love yourself challenge, and list what you love about yourself!”

Self-care and Loving yourself!

I believe that part of caring for ourselves is to develop healthy self-esteem especially if you live with a mental health problem. I often find it rather hard to find things that I like about myself so finding 31 of them is definitely a challenge.

And I am taking the challenge, Carol Anne! Thanks for hosting it!!!

Love Yourself Challenge Day 23-25

I somehow lost count over the cyst incident and the Great Bloggers Bake-Off. Why do I keep doing it? Well, I think a list of 31 things I love about myself is a great guard against low self-esteem and frustration. Maybe I make image of all the traits I love on a coat of arms or shield so I can see it daily :-).

But back to the missing three things I love about myself:

23: I love it, that I am not afraid to start again

Well, that might be more of a nuisance than something I like as you can see from my many blogs I started and stopped. But hey maybe I need to make a strength of it 🙂

24: I love it, that I am predominantly a tea drinker.

Yes, I love coffee too but my stomach doesn’t so tea it is in all its glory 🙂

25: I love it, that I don’t mind weeding our garden and flower beds

In fact, I find it rather relaxing and have planned a session when I finished this post and have scheduled it

That’s the Love Yourself Challenge for today. Let’s see if I can remember to do the rest. It’s only 6 days left, so surely Bee you can manage?????

Carol Anne was busy with life so we connect this post with her day 4

Find my other “Love Yourself Challenge” posts over at my Weebly blog “Bee SelfCaring

What’s in our mugs this week?

And why mugs in this blog feature anyway? If you have signed up for the Bee Writes…/The Bee Creates… newsletter you got a download about easy daily steps to self-care. One of which is my “Self-appreciation mug”. No, it does not mean to get arrogant about yourself it means to allow yourself a mug (or glass) of your favourite beverage while contemplating what you have achieved and giving yourself praise for it.

This is a great way to raise your self-esteem and to realise how far you have come which in turn will encourage to make more changes for the better.

I mentioned in the “Love Yourself Challenge” that I love it about myself to be a tea drinker and that is why we do tea again this week. This time we go for green tea which is not everybody’s taste. One thing you need to remember when brewing green tea is not to use boiling water but letting the water cool down a little. Boiling water makes green tea bitter which puts many off drinking green tea. I have seen many explanations on green tea in bags to use boiling water but I wouldn’t if I were you and wanted to try it out. My favourite is Jasmine Tea which has a calming effect on me. But there is also a great Ginseng Green Tea from Clipper out there which is very refreshing and has a citrusy taste.

If you are interested in the health benefits of green tea have a look here in this video (please follow the link after the video to find the content of the video in the description)

video credits: Enzo’s Private Collection via YouTube (you can read the information from the video in the explanation on YouTube. Just follow the before mentioned link)

Singing in the Rain ~ week 6 ~ Visualising

This week Rachel introduces us to something called “Visualising”. Many might recognise the expression from people promoting the Law of attraction or from therapy where visualising often is used. In therapy, I was taught to visualise my “safe place” and then bring up this image if my anxiety was out of control. Another even added the sense of smell. So while I visualised it I smelled lavender (I chose it). So when anxiety got out of control the scent of lavender helped me to visualise the safe place and I could calm down.

Rachel Kelly uses the visualisation of a pendulum to remind herself that her feelings are fleeting and change continuously. If she is calm the pendulum rest in the middle but if her feelings get out of control it swings to both sides. So she visualises the pendulum coming back to rest the middle. She says the power of the body-mind connection can be experienced well with visualisations and I have to agree with her.

She also shows another visualisation but I leave that for you to experience if you decide to buy the book. For today though I share another visualisation buy Jason Stephenson which has helped me at times when I was so out of balance I could not get myself to my safe place visualisation (yes, that happens, unfortunately).

video source: Sleep Easy, Relax via YouTube. Video Credit: Jason Stephenson

But if you love Rachel’s approach then I encourage you to check out Rachel’s “Singing in the Rain ~ An Inspirational Workbook” by Rachel Kelly on Amazon for the full benefit of her suggestions!
(I am not affiliated with Rachel Kelly and get no rewards for this suggestion)

Please find previous “Mindful Music Monday Mugs” on my abandoned “Bee SelfCaring” blog.

Mindfulness in March

It’s the last Monday in March and I am going to share another great Mindfulness resource with you. For me, Mindfulness is one way to keep my emotions under control and realising that much of what is going on today in me is forgotten by tomorrow and therefore it is not really that bad or damaging.

And while many might connect Mindfulness with spirituality and hippy kind of people it has a good grounding in science. I have introduced you previously to “Mindfulness ~ A Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World” which is written by a meditation teacher and a professor of psychology who has researched Mindfulness for many years. My GP told me it is the one resource where you can find a sound introduction to mindfulness and how it helps to finding peace in a frantic world.

Becoming aware of how I breathe, what I eat and the ground under my feet certainly has helped me to understand tha my anxiety is a product of my mind and often does have no grounds in my reality and that is why I keep introducing you to it throughout the months. Today I share with you one of the meditations that build the foundation to Williams and Penmans approach to mindfulness.

video source: Teik Yen Ko via YouTube. video credit: Mark Williams and Danny Penman

This weeks Music

As I have shared a couple of video’s already I am skipping a music video today but you can find my “I am done with my dying” music list on YouTube filled with music that helps me when my mental health goes south. I have encouraged you self-care ninja’s to create a music list with tunes that help you to relax and calm down. Feel free to find a new piece of music for it this week and let us know which one you chose. Am looking forward to hearing from you!

And to remind ourselves how to take part:


​~ I invite you to appreciate yourself with a cup of your favourite beverage or the recipe I introduce in this post
~Additionally I offer you questions, exercises and ideas to explore self-care, self-love and self-improvement.
~ I invite you to share your ideas and experiences in the comments or write a blog post about it and leave the link in the comments.
~ Also feel free to visit the blogs of our fellow self-care explorer ninjas.

Now dear self-care explorer ninja’s
go, visualise
Share some calming music
And have lots of fun!


I am not a health professional. My posts describe my thoughts, my experiences and my conclusions about life, mental health and self-improvement. My described actions always go alongside therapy and do not substitute professional advice by a health professional be it a doctor, therapist or counsellor.

I invite you to try out self-care tools, however, if any of these make you feel uncomfortable please stop and do not go further ahead. Also, if any of the tools suggested bring up issues that need dealing with do not hesitate to reach out for professional help. To recognise when you need to stop and when to reach out for professional or any other help is one important part to learn when it comes to self-care.

Please look here if you need further guidance:



Government of Canada

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