March 2019

Can you believe it? “Four Weddings and a Funeral” is 25 years old and the cast has a reunion for Comic Relief this evening. When I found this old blog post I had to post it today and probably will watch Comic Relief tonight even though I usually don’t. This post talks about how certain words are connected with emotions and you probably guessed which word I am talking about 😉

November 2014

I have to admit I love the word: procrastinating. For me as a non-native English speaker, it sounds kind of sophisticated and posh. Of course, it is none of these just another way of wasting time with fun things. I never realised how much language is connected to emotions though and how much you learn when growing up which emotions to connect with which words until I came to Great Britain.

Take the f-word: Even though it is not as offensive nowadays as it used to be, it is still quite bad to use it. If you are German and my age (mid-forties) you connect “fu..” with the film “Four Weddings and a funeral”. Even though the film was dubbed into German they kept the f-word un-translated and it was just hilarious (Hugh Grant being late to several weddings). For me that gave the f-word a kind of humorous by-feeling, that of course, used in English, does not really exist.

It somehow feels the same with “procrastinating”: There is nothing “funny” about not doing what you should be doing and getting yourself in a muddle with deadlines, but for me, it just does not feel that bad when I use the word “procrastinating”. I just can’t help it.

What’s that got to do with writing, life and everything? Nothing really. I have not been procrastinating today at all. In fact, even though I am on holiday, I have been extremely busy writing several blog posts and researching some great resources for writers for my other blog.

I just felt like writing about “procrastinating” and the “f-word” 🙂

Description for visually impaired readers: Head and neck of black greyhound Sherky. She wears a green colar, has a white spot on her neck and wears a red coat. She is on the left side of the picture Bee beside her on the right. She wears a green coat and a grey hat and smiles. Blue sky behind both.

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