A Belated Answer to “Tell a Story” Challenge

Back in January, I was kindly tagged by Barbara from “Teleporting Weena” to take part in the “Tell a Story” challenge. I promised to do it but forgot. Oops. So here it is with about two months delay πŸ˜‰

I want to thank Barbara for being patient with me. I’m to take the photo she chose to write something about it, then tag 3 others with a new photo. You can find Barbara’s blog here.

description for visually impaired readers: A white house with dark roof behind a workman in blue work trousers jumping up. He holds his right hand up with a roll of paper in it. There is the illustration of planet earth on the top right side of the entrance door.

“He’s done it at last?”

“I guess so, look at how he is jumping around!”

“Like a rabbit on speed!”

“There is this rumour he had trouble with drugs back in the ’80s.”

“Is that when he started building this… this well… I know it’s what they called a house on earth”

“Yes, I remember when he pulled the whole planet out of the other dimension. I think he had planned to build the house on the planet but of course, that’s not possible. You can’t build from one dimension to another. ”

“But it’s in this dimension!!!!”

“No, it’s not. See that’s the problem with quantum physics. Nothing is how it seems.”

“Ah. So he got frustrated and into drugs?”


“He managed somehow though…”

“As we can see but he has a planet stuck on his entrance door.”


“Yes, really stupid”


I am not going to nominate anyone because many of my fellow bloggers don’t do challenges. But if you feel like you want to write a story to this photo…

Description for visually impaired readers: To left medieval part of a house with huge wooden door and pointed arches over it. There are three coats of arms in a row over it and two underneath left and right and a window to the left. To the front is a building that is connected with the medieval building at ceiling level. It is a new build and a metal pillar is in the middle of the picture holding he building. There is a drive going from bottom left towards the upper right and a red car parked behind the medieval building. There is a white wall at the right and red grafiti on it consisting of triangles and lines

…feel free to join. Am looking forward to your stories!!!!

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