Book Review ~ “Blood of Requiem” by Daniel Arenson

This post was first published in November 2014

Book 1 of Song of Dragons series

Description for visually impaired readers: Book Cover of “Blood of Requiem”: A menacing looking dragon on grey background with a whitish aura around it. On bottom title of book.

Publisher: Daniel Arenson
Publishing date: May 2011
Genre: fantasy, shapeshifters, dragons
Formats: paperback, e-book
Source: free copy via signing up to Daniel Arenson’s author page

Bees: 5 out of 6

About the story:

At Lanburg Fields the kingdom of Requiem and its King Benedicturs has been defeated. King Irae of Osanna, Benedictus’ brother, who rules the griffins made sure, all evidence of the Vir Requies, shapeshifting inhabitants of Requiem, have been destroyed and the remaining Vir Requies are hunted as beasts and demons.

But there are some left. One of them being young Kyrie, who has been saved at Lanburg Fields by Mirium. When she gets killed by Irae, Kyrie flees in his dragon form. But can he escape the long arms of Irae and his daughter Gloriae and will he be able to bring back Benedictus with the help of the real dragons of Salvandos?

About the author:

On Twitter Daniel’s bio goes like this: “More hobbit than elf, more Stark than Lannister, more Ravenclaw than Hufflepuff. Author of fantasy series Song of Dragons, Dragonlore, The Dragon War, and Moth”. Amazon, Goodreads and his author page do not give a lot more information either: He writes successful fantasy novels, is married in Canada and has pet birds. (This was in 2014. Today it goes like this: Bookworm. Geek. USA Today bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction. Visit my website to download three free books: )

A little research though revealed some more: Young Daniel moved a lot with his parents and loved to watch cartoons until he started reading and got into comics. His parents pushed him to try out books which he refused at first and then he could not stop.

Funnily he did not read fantasy novels until he was invited to play dungeons and dragons at school. A little later he started writing his first story which was supposed to be 2 or 3 pages long but ended up with 50. And thank goodness he has not stopped writing.

His first novel was published by Five Star before Amazon’s e-book revolution and the like. Once they arrived in Canada, Daniel could not be stopped.

Honey bees in the book:

“Blood of Requiem” is skilfully written in different perspectives. It starts with Benedictus’ flashback of the fight at Landburg Fields just to turn to Mirium and her story with Irae. The novel then develops from the points of view of all important characters involved: Kyrie an orphaned Vir Requis, brothers Irae and Benedictus, Lacrimosa, Benedictus’s wife, his daughter Agnus Dei and Irae’s daughter Gloriae. The changes are easy to understand as the chapters are named after the characters whose point of view is used.

I really like changes in points of view because it gives you a multifaceted reading experience. You can easily understand the feelings and opinions of different characters. This is one reason why I love “Lord of the Rings” even though that story is not parted as much as “Blood of Requiem”.

The characters in “Blood of Requiem” are not one-sided. One can feel the longings of their lives as well as their failures. We all know situations that we feel guilty of and we all harbour hopes which makes it easy to connect with the characters here.

“Blood of Requiem” includes a doomed kingdom and young survivors who feel the need to change the situation no matter the cost to their own lives. Against all odds, they fight and that is one secret of great storytelling. It kept me reading all night to find out if the dragons of Salvandos really exist and if: would they help?

So many conflicts keeping the story going: Benedictus who does not want to go back to his responsibility for his kingdom and the guilt he feels for the lost lives of his people. Kyrie who has nothing to lose and Lacrimosa who’s secrets may break her husband to name just a few. A real epic read

Stinging bees in the book:

I found the search for Salvandos and the description of their culture a little short-handed. I would have liked to learn more about them. “Song of Requiem” though is a second dragon series. There might be more information in the first “Dawn of Dragons”.

And the mead of it all: At last I have found another fantasy series that took me in as much as Robin Hobb’s dragon novels. Certainly books I will keep reading.

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