Love Is In Da Blog 22 ~ My Favourite Heartbreak Song & Prompt Post for February 23rd

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to “Love Is In Da Blog 2019”. Let me tell you that I appreciate all your input to this crazy blog event and I am amazed at what a diverse universe of music we have created. Thanks so much for taking part.

Yesterday I asked you to share your favourite heartbreak song which of course is an inconsistency in itself. How can you love a heartbreak song? But I believe once we are over the pain some good things come back to us and music often is that good thing.

I am going with another German artist whom I’ve seen live a couple of times and whom I connect with my ex-husband the poor soul. It’s me who caused the heartbreak because I left him and I hope he found happiness after all that happened to us.

The artist is Reinhard Mey a German singer/songwriter who became famous with some humorous songs in the seventies. Wikipedia says about him: ”

Reinhard Mey was born on 21 December 1942, in BerlinGermany, where he spent his childhood. At the age of twelve, he had his first piano lesson, and at the age of fourteen he got his first guitar. He taught himself how to play the trumpet. During his school years he gained performance experience by playing Skiffle music with friends. In 1965, Mey was offered the chance to perform at a Liedermacher festival at Waldeck Castle, a converted castle ruin. This led to his first recording contract. In 1961, he became part of the group Les Trois Affamés, with Schobert Schulz.

In 1963, Mey graduated from the French Gymnasium in Berlin, receiving the German Abitur as well as the French Baccalauréat, and thereafter began vocational training as an industrial trader at Schering AG Berlin. He broke off his university studies in economics in order to concentrate on songwriting and singing, and has been a successful performer in Germany, in France, and in the Netherlands ever since. He has written songs in German, French, Dutch and English. He records his French material under the name of Frédérik Mey. In 1967, he married a French woman named Christine. Their marriage was dissolved in 1976.

Today, Mey lives in Berlin-Frohnau in his second marriage (since 1977) to Hella Hennies (born in Hannover), and had three children in the marriage: Frederik (born 20 November 1976), Maximilian (born 28 January 1982; died May 2014), and Victoria-Luise (born 19 November 1985).

I did my gap year in Frohnau after I left school in a home for children with special needs where I  met my first husband and he went to see Mr Mey for a signature for a book full of his songs for my birthday and he got it. I was rather impressed.

This was in 91/92 so you can imagine that it was a rather cool time to live in Berlin as the border was just open for two years and the scars of communist rule were still visible. In fact, the home I worked and lived in was directly at the wall in the north of the city and we walked along it often watching people chipping bits out of it to sell in the city.

I cannot believe that this is nearly 30 years ago and OMG it is 30 years ago that the wall came down this year!!!!!! Such a shame so many people either still have a wall in their countries or want to build new ones. But let’s not go down that route.

Well, Mr Mey is one reason why I have become a vegetarian because he wrote a song about the tragic lives of pigs who are farmed for eating. It is called “The Dignity of the pig is inviolable” and it had a huge impact on me later on when I delivered newspapers to a farm which on a regular basis transported pigs to the slaughterhouse. Believe me, if you ever hear that sound pigs make when they are ushered into the transport vehicle then you know they know. It is the most awful sound you can imagine. The farm treated the pigs well so no small pens and such but still I just could not go on eating pork without remembering the sound. It still needed me some 10 years to fully become a vegetarian but here we are now.

In fact, thinking of it, their cries did break my heart and so I am going to chose it for today’s song:

Video source: Respekt Tiere International e.V. via YouTube
Video Credit: Reinhard Mey

Lyrics via Reinhard Mey unofficially translated by The Bee

In einer engen Box war es,/it was in a small box
Auf Beton, unstandesgemäß,/on concrete, not befitting its station
Daß sie die Glühbirne der Welt entdeckte./that she discovered the bulb of the world*
Sie war das Ferkel Nummer vier,/she was piglet number four
Drei andre lagen über ihr./three others lay on top of her
So ein Gedränge, daß sie fast erstickte!/such a throng she nearly suffocated!
Schon nach zwei Wochen Säugakkord/Just after two weeks suckling piece rate
Kam jemand und nahm Mutter fort,/someone came and took mother away
Doch noch als die Erinn‘rung schon verblaßt war,/but even when her memory was nearly gone
Fielen manchmal dem jungen Schwein/the young pig remembered
Der Mutter Worte wieder ein:/Mother’s words:
„Die Würde des Schweins ist unantastbar!“/”The Dignity of the pig is inviolable

Der Kerker wurde ihr Zuhaus‘./The prison became her home
An einem Fleck tagein, taugaus./At the same spot day in, day out
Und immer im eigenen Dreck rumsitzen./always sitting in her own shit.
Die feine Nase, der Gestank!/The sensitive nose**, the smell
Sie wurde traurig, wurde krank,/she got sad, got ill
Und als sie sehr krank wurde, gab es Spritzen./and when she got very ill, she got injectios
Sie wurd‘ zum Decken kommandiert, –/she was commanded to breed
Das hat sie niemals akzeptiert,/she never accepted it
Daß Schweinesein nur Ferkelzucht und Mast war:/that being a pig means only to breed and feed
Und wenn man ihren Wille brach,/and when they broke her will
Dachte sie dran, die Mutter sprach:/she remembered what mother said
„Die Würde des Schweins ist unantastbar!“/The Dignity of the pig is inviolable

Dann fuhr der Viehtransporter vor,/then the livestock transporter came
Man packte sie an Schwanz und Ohr/they grabbed her by her ears and tail
Zusammen mit ihren Leidensgenossen./together with her companions in suffering
Die zitterten und quiekten bang/they shook and squicked afraid
Und fuhr‘n und standen stundenlang,/and were driven for hours and hours
Viel enger noch als üblich eingeschlossen./a lot more squished together as usual
Das Schwein ist schlau, so ahnt es schon/the pig is clever, she already sensed
Die tragische Situation./her tragic situation
Sie wußte, daß dies ihre letzte Rast war./she knew it was her last rest
Sie hat den Schlachthof gleich erkannt,/she recognised the slaughter house immediatly
Und sie ging ohne Widerstand./and she went without resistance
Die Würde des Schweins ist unantastbar!/The Dignity of the pig is inviolable
Sie hat den Himmel nie gesehn,/she never saw the sky 
Durft‘ nie auf einer Weide stehn,/was never allowed to stand on a meadow
Hat nie auf trockenem, frischem Stroh gesessen./never sat on dry fresh straw
Sie hat sich nie im Schlamm gesuhlt,/she never had a mud bath
Freudig gepaart und eingekuhlt –/or breed happily and snuggled together
Wie könnte ich dies Häufchen Elend essen?/how could I eat such a huddle of misery?
Die Speisekarte in der Hand/with the menu in my hand
Seh‘ ich über den Tellerrand/I look over the rim of my plate***
Und kann die Bilder wohl nie vergessen./And can’t forget the images
Ich möchte nicht, du armes Schwein,/I do not want to be complicit, you poor pig
An deinem Leid mitschuldig sein,/to your misery
Weil ich in diesem Restaurant zu Gast war./because I was a guest in this restaurant
Und ich bestell‘ von nun an wohl/and it looks like from now on
Den überback‘nen Blumenkohl./I order Cauliflower Cheese instead
Die Würde des Schweins ist unantastbar!/The Dignity of the pig is inviolable

*”to discover the light of the world” is an expression in German for being born
**Pigs have a very sensitive sense of smell
***”to look over the rim of ones plate” is a German saying that means you widen your horizon


Ok, tomorrow’s prompt will be a bit difficult for me because it could be interpreted as a patriotic post. I am not a patriot. In fact, the older I get the more the concept of countries and nationalities becomes suspect to me. But you have the freedom to interpret it as you please 🙂

Tomorrow’s prompt is:

My favourite song from the country I love the most

And to remind ourselves how to take part:

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      7. Find the prompt list for the whole month here in this introduction post at the end

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Now go,

share A Love Song for

your favourite country

and have lots of fun 


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