Love Is In Da Blog 7 ~ A Love Song from 1919-1928 & Prompt Post for February 8th

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! I am so happy you are joining me again in this love music fest and I hope you enjoy it like I do!

So, I set us up for some music time travel and today we have a look at the decade between 1919 and 1929. It must have been an exciting just after WWI. At least in Germany rebuilding and the change from having a “Kaiser” to being a democracy must have induced social and creative developments never seen before.ย It was the years when Jazz became famous but also genres like atonal music and I can imagine that love songs were very much en vogue after the hatred and horrendous experiences of the Great War.

So what song do I choose?

It’s the “Love Song” from the “Three Penny Opera” by Berthold Brecht. Kurt Weill composed the music for it. I am a huge fan of Berthold Brecht. Another one of my fellow Swabians who was a rather huge critic of capitalism and a bit of a ladies man.

We were introduced to the version of theatre of his time called “dialectical theatre” or better known as “epic theatre” which is a response to the political situation but also forces the audience to engage differently with a play. You can’t just sit and let yourself be drawn into a story. This sort of theatre uses different techniques to make the audience question what is going on on stage but at the same time what is going on politically and socially.

The Three Penny Opera was an adaption of John Gay’s 18th Century opera “A Beggars Opera” and Brecht called it a “play with music”. It takes place in Victorian London and tells the story of criminal Macheath who marries Jenny Peachum. Her father isn’t pleased and tries to get Macheath hanged but in a comical moment Macheath gets pardoned by Queen Victoria and made a Baron. What a crazy story!

Kurt Weill the composer held the ideal that music should have a socially useful purpose. I suspect he meant to educate the people about what is going on in society behind the scenes. I always found that the music of the “Three Penny Opera” does not engage you directly. It does not make you feel all fuzzy inside and let you escape into some fantasy world.

It works incredibly well with the form of the “epic theatre” because it keeps you on your toes with its funny harmonies and often harsh lyrics. I have seen Brecht’s Mother Courage on stage and the Three Penny Opera as a film. Both had an incredible impact on me and I would now say have shaped my view of society a lot.

I suspect Brecht’s plays and poetry are more important than ever as I believe today’s social problems and upheavals are a direct consequence of unchecked capitalism since most communist countries either changed to a strange form of capitalism or collapsed altogether. My theory is that non-communist countries tried to give the impression they did care for their citizens to be a defender against communist societies. They don’t have to do that anymore and can be as capitalist as they want to. But that’s just a theory of mine.

So, let’s hear the love song. Oh, the play opened in Berlin in 1928 so just fits into our little time travel today ๐Ÿ™‚

Video Source: Samuel Matlowsky/Orchard Enterprises via YouTube

Love Is In Da Blog Music Prompt for February 8th

Well, you guessed it tomorrows decade is 1929 – 1938 and I can’t wait to see what you can unearth ๐Ÿ˜‰

But if you are not into music history feel free to use any love song you fancy ๐Ÿ™‚

And to remind ourselves how to take part:

โ€œLove Is In Da Blogโ€ Rules/suggestions


      1. Join in! No matter where, when and with what. You missed the first day or week? Donโ€™t worry. Just jump in when it suits you.
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      4. No matter which music the prompt favours you create with it whatever you please, and whatever length you please (no pun intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) as long as it is about โ€œLOVE.โ€
      5. I post the prompt post the day before which is connected with the music for that day so you have some time to make up your mind and create your post. There won’t be two different posts and I hope it’s not too confusing.
      6. If you like, use this picture for your readers to find the posts.
      7. Find the prompt list for the whole month here in this introduction post at the end

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Now go,

share a love song

from 1929 – 1938

and have lots of funย 


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