Blast from the Past: SELF-Awareness Sunday No1: Monster

February 2019


March 2015

There is a monster in me!

Yes, a real ugly monster. Some prefer to call it “your shadow self” but for me, it is a proper monster.

My boss and my co-workers made sure I had a real easy work day yesterday and all I could think was:”Oh, they just want to show me how slow and bad I work!” Good grief! How can I be so negative?

Well, of course I know I suffer from depression which colours everything negatively but I never realised how much it effects me. This negative thinking pattern becomes more and more clear to me and the more I try to change it the more it expresses itself and I express it out loud. What a moany old goat have I become?

I was and still am disgusted by myself. And guess what? The universe is always up to guide one along and it has a huge amount of humour. It send me this card this morning:

photo does not exist anymore sorry…

And a friend had send me this video a few days earlier.

Looks like I have my tasks cut out for the next few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ !


This post is part of “SELF-Awareness Sunday” where you can share anything that makes you “YOU” in the way you feel it is worth sharing!

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