#113 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ 13

January 2019

For some strange reason, 13 never got a bad rep with me. When I did my “Mittlere Reife” (you would call it GSCE’s here) I was number 13 and it went rather well. Probably because my nickname was “Little Witch” after a famous German children’s book. The main character was ginger ;-).Β  Never had bad luck on Friday 13th either. According to numerology, my bad luck days are on the 26th (my birthday is on the 26th!!!!!), 17th and 8th but I haven’t scientifically researched this. So it might or might not be. It’s all in the mind I suspect. Anyway, here my dedication to the number 13!

September 2014


The curse

isn’t mine:

lucky number

no matter what!

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