Trying out Good News

I am a fan of “Good News Tuesday” for a while and always try to read JoAnna’s posts because they just make me happy.

So I promised I am going to share my bit of good news and today is the day:

We watch BBC breakfast every morning. A couple of weeks ago we saw a feature by Dan Walker who met Tony Foulds up in Sheffield.

His life was spared 75 years ago when an American B-17 Flying Fortress crashed into a forest because the park they tried to land in was full of playing children. The whole crew died saving the children’s life.

Since then Mr Foulds feels responsible for the memory of these brave men and has quietly taken care of their memorial for years.

Dan Walker met him walking his dog and found out that Mr Foulds biggest wish was to get a fly-over on the 75th anniversary of their sacrifice.

So he supported him and they managed to get the American Airforce to fly-by today in F-15 Fighter Jets starting from RAF Lakenheath which is not too far away from where we live.

I am not a fan of armies of any sort. My believe is that soldiers are abused for power dripping politicians world wide games and when they come home they don’t even get the help they need. And so often they are great men and women like those ten men who rather died than kill innocent children’s life.

It makes me cry every single time I hear about it. I think this is a very fitting first and I am lighting a candle for those brave men and Mr Foulds who dedicated his life to their memory!

BBC: Sheffield bomber crash: Fly-past to mark anniversary after campaign

BBC Breakfast on YouTube: Tony Foulds gets his Fly-by

One thought on “Trying out Good News

  1. I’m not a fan of armies either. I do not understand why we have not evolved beyond so much killing, but good people are doing good work and it’s important to remember the heroes – those who have done their best – as you have here.

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