Companionship – A #JusJoJan Post

Oh dear. This brain and mind of mine works in mysterious ways:

First thing that came to mind about “companionship” was ” What a lovely old-fashioned expression” and directly afterwards “Ring”. I mean THE ring to rule us all – (oh NO – Note to self: I need to remember I am NOT living in Middle Earth (even though there is a Rivendell close by ๐Ÿ˜)).

But it somehow sounded wrong ” The Companionship of the Ring”. I wreacked my brain. I consulted my memory. Then I retreated to the net and guess what?

It is wrong!

“Fellowship of the Ring” it was. But I have to admit “The Companionship of the Ring” sounds a lot more inclusive, don’t you agree?

The word “Fellows” bring a group of more or less dubious looking men to mind while “Companionship” reminds of old couples and pets. I am not quite sure where exactly I am going with this.

Better leave it there and get the amour out and go fight some Orks ๐Ÿ˜œ

Please find the prompt post here and head over to Di’s who is today’s prompt giver.

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