Too late? Am humbly asking for follower power…

Hi there my dear readers,

this morning I got a WhatsApp message from a friend to check out a video on YouTube. The daughter of a lady who studied with the both of us was involved in making a video for a school project for which she needs comments in English.

I haven’t figured out for what that project exactly is but I like the message of the video and I know it is important for many of you too. So may I humbly ask you to go to YouTube, watch the video and leave a comment for the young activists? That would be much appreciated! Here is the link to it: 4earth ~ too late?

and here is the video:

video credit: 4earth via YouTube

Let’s support young artists and activists! They are our future and I believe if we give them attention & encouragement they will grow and give all of us a better future. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Too late? Am humbly asking for follower power…

  1. This is beautifully done! I am so thrilled to see the younger generation taking on the cause of cleaning up and protecting our environment … something us ‘oldsters’ have neglected for far too long. Hats off to the young people who created this video! Thank you!!!

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    A blogging friend asked me if I would check out a video that was made by the daughter of her friend, and when I did, I felt the video to be well worth sharing with you all. It is yet another example of our young people stepping up to the plate, taking responsibility for the planet that we have neglected for far too long. Please take a moment to watch … I found it inspirational! Thank you, Bee, for your kind permission to re-blog!

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  3. This is not an age thing! it may have been made, sung and writen by youthfull people but the message is not. It is not yet too late. We all know single use products made of plastic are inherently bad for the world. But penalising producers that use too much packagingis the way forward. Hit them in their pockets. It would be a better deterant than recycling stratergies. Give us shops that sell unwrapped goods. As long as we have no open sacks; for us to fill our cloth bags and glass jars from. We as consumers do not have a choice to make. Our world is precious and regardless of age, genda or race we want to save this world for future generations.. The video carries the message; many men/women of this earth want it to be controlled; need to see something being done.

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