#59 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Where is Home?

December 2018

The post at the end of this post was written in July 2014 for “A Prompt A Day For Bee”. Unfortunately, I lost the image the post refers to. However, the question where home is has become a rather hot topic for me because of Brexit. The UK doesn’t feel like home anymore but neither does Germany. If there will be a no-deal brexit and I have to leave because I am not working in an area that needs employees and neither earn 30 000£ a year I will have to leave. And I have no idea where to go or what to do.

Now, of course, you could say that I am a drama queen and that it will not happen. In my opinion, though that was said about Brexit as much as about a President Trump and we are experiencing both. So until a deal is done and signed I am pondering the worst case scenario.

That is why I created another poem from the original “Home” poem with the Cut-Up-Machine. This is what it created:


are it
Is your home
Is you home
feeling yourself
is a it inside
lay you Where born
is a Is it
home lifestyle
where home where
or where you a
Is it Is
live just it
is Is Where Where
where you it
feel it
Is it is
hat country

This one expresses exactly how I feel about the topic “home” today. To me, it has become a totally surreal concept for those who believe they have the right to shut others out just because they were lucky enough to be born in a rich and war-less country.

And I feel more than ever a human without a country. A human who doesn’t belong anywhere…

July 2014

Ok, guys and gals I am sorry, but I just have to cheat again. But “Language is a Virus” just has too good widgets, gadgets, games for me to ignore them on a hard days night when I’d rather just sip my glass of wine and stare into the distance or the universe or the horizon. And then there is the “Poem Reversogpraph”. How brilliant is that? I offer you a poem of mine and let “Language is a Virus” reverse it. Ok, the poem I have chosen is “Where is Home?” and I have written it 3 years ago in summer. For me “home” has a kind of double meaning. On the one hand, it means the country where I come from but not that much anymore. Great Britain is my home, but mostly “home” is where the best husband in the world is :-). Three years ago I was pondering the question. We had not been married yet and were only one year together. It feels like a lifetime ago :-). So here is the original poem

Where is Home?

Where is home?

Is it where you are born?

Is it where you feel home?

Is it where you live?


Where is home?

Is it a country?

Is it a feeling?

Is it a lifestyle?

Where is home?

Is it where you lay your hat


is it just inside yourself?


Where is home?

And this is what the Reversograph made of it: What a disappointment! It did not work 😦 So I tried “Visual Poetry” instead and if I am very lucky I can put the picture on the blog 🙂

(image does not exist anymore, sorry)
How cool is that? It worked. Oh, I think this is my most favourite cheat and word/poetry game on “Language is a Virus”. But I think you have to create a picture just in one go and not stop which I did in this picture. But it is my first so that’s ok :-).
If you want to create a visual poem ~ Look here: Visual Poetry

2 thoughts on “#59 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Where is Home?

    • Thanks very much. I hope so too and I think I will because it would mean the UK has to take back a million of their pensioners who live in Europe. The NHS wouldn’t survive that. But politics are so volatile nowadays you never know what politicians are willing to risk. 🙋

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