Oh, its the last prompt. Tomorrow #frapalymo is over and we are back to our own poetic devices. It’s been an interesting experience as always with a couple of challenges that I capitulated from. But that’s the freedom that #frapalymo gives too. Thanks @FrauPaulchen for #frapalymo. You rock!!!!

And here the translation of the last prompt for #frapalymo 2018. Find the original German post here.

ah, the postcard and kitsch poems accompany us with their certain lightness and humour into the end of the poetry month. The time has come for the last promot: #frapalymo ended so fast as full as November was!

My “thank you”, my outlook, the announcement for the next poetry week: all this will come the day after tomorrow (Saturday).

The last day of the month is dedicated again to versing, thinking and writing. The prompt for the poem on November 30th of #frapalymo is simply: ” light”

The beloved duden (famous German dictionary) offers two possibilities of light (at least for me as I practice the use of small letters): here for the light and here for light. (German links. Find English explanations here). You are free in your decision of the light and lightnes and I think this is a fine end to so many glowing texts!

And the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter when you take part so I can tweet the link to your blog. Or put your poem or link in the comments under my poem of that day. It might be that I have to approve you for my comments first. Please bear with me in that case. The hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo* and I am@fraupaulchen

*mainly German tweets

Just in case you wondered you do not need to take part with a German poem. Write it in any language you feel to write in. You can either let her know about your poem directly on her blog as is described in my translation or let me know via the comments here on the blog, via @Morgain620 on Twitter or via email: bee.halton[at]gmail.com.


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