I allow myself a day off the blogging so the prompt translation comes late and probably no poem. But we’ll see ๐Ÿ˜. Find the original German prompt here.

How poetry changes depending on the prompt, how it occupies us with the gentle, fragile, current, political, past or or.

Such a prompt like the one on day 25 needs a good opposite to allow the lightness back.

The prompt for the poem on November 26th of #frapalymo is:โ€žwrite a centoโ€œ. We had this poetry form already more than once.

A cento is a patchwork poem in which lines from different texts are put together in a new way. It can be lines from own texts oder from someone else pen. Please mark the copyright if you use another poets words.

This cento also allows some storm in your versing. Independent lines can suddenly develop a fine affinity when put together in a different way. Or not and it stays a little absurd and strange. I am looking forward to your centos and say at the same time: welcome to the last five prompts of the poetry month!

And the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter when you take part so I can tweet the link to your blog. Or put your poem or link in the comments under my poem of that day. It might be that I have to approve you for my comments first. Please bear with me in that case. The hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo* and I am @fraupaulchen

*mainly German tweets

Just in case you wondered you do not need to take part with a German poem. Write it in any language you feel to write in. You can either let her know about your poem directly on her blog as is described in my translation or let me know via the comments here on the blog, via@Morgain620 on Twitter or via email: bee.halton[at]gmail.com.


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