Poem of the Day: A Century of Sleep

I still feel this exhaustion that I tried to express in this poem. There is an age-old exhaustion in survivors. You cannot imagine what it takes out of you to be on high alert continuously because danger is your normal. You cannot imagine what it takes out of you when nightmares haunt you night by night. And even though I do not have nightmares very often I still remember the time when they were a constant companion. This year has given me much needed sleep. And maybe the ancients are right who say that sleep helps healing. This is another poem in my “Lost Souls” Series.

A Century of Sleep

A century of sleep
keeping away
my nightmares.

A century of sleep
relaxing my
tortured muscles.

A century of sleep
soothing my
wounded heart.

A century of sleep


healing my nightmare,
healing my muscles,
healing my heart,
healing my souls!

A century of sleep
my lost souls
long for it.

A century of sleep
can they find it?


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