For all you Angry Ladies out there!

I watched this TED Talk and thought you would find it interesting. Actually, I watched it quite some time ago but forgot all about it. Then I had a conversation with VJ from A Woman’s Quest about rage and anger in women and I thought I need to explore that topic more.

I start to wonder if much of today’s mental health problems in women is simply subdued rage. The anger of a lifetime of not expressing our boundaries, our frustration and our real selves.

I remember well when I was in the last year of Kindergarten a boy came to our group who grew up in South America and had never seen ginger hair. He made fun of me and I got angry and went for him. No one approved, of course. As a girl, I had to take it and be nice about it.

That taught me that my anger was nothing I am supposed to express. I can express all the “nice” emotions but don’t ever dare to be angry or frustrated. We all know the “Don’t be hormonal about it” or other disrespectful sentences when we express that we are not happy with something.

But the difficult thing is that these behaviours are learned so well and being uncomfortable with it is so subconscious that we often are not aware that we, in fact, don’t act in our own favour and to our own health.

These are some thoughts popping up. I have not thought the whole thing fully through. There is a poem I wrote about it too. Need to find it and post it too. Stepping stones to a changing mind…

But here is the TED talk:

Tracee Ellis Ross: A woman’s fury holds lifetimes of wisdom

Video Credit: Tracee Ellis Ross via YouTube TED

Learn more about watching TED Talks on all of your favorite platforms:

8 thoughts on “For all you Angry Ladies out there!

  1. So many incidents come to mind when watching this…I think we can all relate, women. Fury is a good word. Have you read The Dance of Anger by Harriet Goldman Lerner? How women are not permitted anger. Thanks for sharing, Bee.

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