Gathering ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ #VJWC

Yesterday, I wrote that I was challenged by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge prompt and today I have the same problem. What can I write about gatherings?

I have read a couple of posts lately that have to do with family gatherings. We do not do family gatherings as such. Our families are just too far away: Mine is in Germany and Switzerland and the best husbands is further down south. It might also have to do with the fact that both of us are rather looners. Perfect for each other but a little unsocial.

No, we are not rude, well, of course, if you are rude to us… but let’s not go down that road LOL.

Pondering the topic for a while I came up with birds. I like birds. I love crows and have heard them calling me the whole day. For some strange reason, I thought that many crows together are called a “gathering” but checking with The Spruce I remembered it’s a murder. Or a congress. Or a horde. Or a muster. Or a cauldron. Blimey, that’s a congregation of names.

Reading on I got more educated. There are a ton of names for flocks of birds that I have never heard of. So I share the most curious with you:

Cormorants can be a sunning. I saw one the day before but I assume that doesn’t count 😉

Creepers (really? What bird is that?) congregate in “spirals”. Cool, huh?

Many flamingoes together create a “Flamboyance”. I think that’s rather fitting 🙂

Godwits (again rather ominous to me) are meeting in Omniscience (giggle)

Lapwings … cool I know lapwings… they gather in “deceits” LOL


Vultures can meet in a “committee”.

So what have I learned today? I have no clue about most birds (or at least those mentioned in the article) nor of their gatherings but if you want to learn more please check out The Spruce’s Collective Nouns to Describe Bird Flocks

And after that, I invite you to head over to VJ’s post and read what the other participants have to say about gatherings :-). V.J.’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #18: Gathering


VJ’s suggestions to Participate:

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  • Tag it VJWC.
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  • Read and comment on other posts.
  • Look forward to your responses.

9 thoughts on “Gathering ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ #VJWC

  1. Love how you presented your ruminations about “gathering’, from personal to researching how man has named nature’s feathered friends. I’m a loner also. I find there’s an advantage to celebrating holidays in a quiet and peaceful ensemble of two. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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