Bee’s Top Ten of Most Annoying TV Ads

September 2018

This post was first published on my old blog:

January 2017

It’s January and everybody is upbeat and makes resolutions and its all just good fun isn’t it?

Well, I am Mrs. Grumpy right now and one thing that annoys me constantly are some TV ads. So I decided to give a good old rant and make my Top Ten of the most annoying TV ads and here we go:

No 10
MAOAM: strange actors, bad dancing and a school hall??? Do I need to say anything else?????

No 9

Morrisons: I am not a fan of supermarkets and certainly not of their advertising. I could make an extra Top Ten just for annoying supermarkets ads. But for now we just stay with this one:

No 8

John Lewis: I know Christmas is over but this advert is so creepy it is unbelievable!

No 7

Anchor: Let’s stay with the Christmas theme. At first, I thought this rather funny. Until they showed it twice in an advertising break and I started feeling exactly the same like mum in that ad. Do you really want to buy that stuff????

No 6

Tampax: Really??? Mother Nature as a fun spoiling old spinster???? Get over it girls! We have periods and we have enough help to live with them!!!!

No 5

Save the Children: I am all for giving and helping people in need but the adverts Charities and Aid organizations have developed lately border on brainwashing and guilt trips. Rather save the money for the ad and give it to that poor child!

No 4

Haribo: I really, really, really, really hate it when they make adults speak with children’s voices. Really, really hate it!

No 3

Trivago: That page has never given me any bargain for a room or hotel. So please just stop that girl from patronizing me!!!!!

No 2

Secret Escapes: “Arrrrrrrrrrrgh” is all I can say to that woman!

No 1

Obviously, even GoCompare found these adverts annoying. They are not available anymore. So I chose an older one:

Go Compare: I have no words for this: Not the opera singer nor the taxi driver later gone Gondola pusher!

But you know what? There are few great adverts out there too. I’ll share them with you next week! πŸ™‚

The Bee Creates

5 thoughts on “Bee’s Top Ten of Most Annoying TV Ads

  1. I can see how these ads would be annoying hearing them over and over. We have some like that here that I just can’t stand. If I can, I mute them, flip the station, or cover my ears and go la la la until it’s over! Ugh!


  2. I didn’t even need to look at your nominations to know what commercials my list would include; all of them.

    I despise adverts and, due to the fantastic invention of Freeview+, I haven’t watched a single one for years.

    Liked by 1 person

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