Dear holidaymakers at the North Norfolk coast. Our beaches are not static. The level of sand rises and falls continuously. So even if you bury your disposable bbq’s they will be washed up eventually. You heard about litter in the sea and sea life being affected? That’s where it comes from. And yes even your one thing makes a difference. Because a thousand other ppl think like you and it adds up. So from now on pick your rubbish up and put it in a bin. And if the bin is full leave it in front of the bin. The bin men and women will pick it up. Help keep the environment clean. It’s not that difficult!

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    • Doubt it! Barnyard’s are cleaner 😁. But we feel exactly the same. Most of the tourists have cleaned up where we walk but there are always one who can’t be bothered. Its dangerous for children and dogs. Really annoying!


    • It’s seems to be ok since that post. But we’ll see how the weekend goes. I hate that too. There are also holidaymakers who do their own beach clean that is really cool. 😊


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