Music Monday Blog Party is evolving ~ Part II!

On Monday, I was pondering the Music Monday Blog Party and asked for some feedback from participants. Carol Ann from “Therapy Bits”, Emilia from “My Inner MishMash” and JoAnna from “Anything is Possible” were so kind to share their thoughts with us. Thank you so much ladies, you have helped a lot.

A short summary of the Music Monday Blog Party Feedback

All three like the idea of celebrating their lives and achievements at the beginning of the week. However, they are busy bloggers and so do not always have time to take part. One problem was, that it’s difficult to remember to take part. Also, I could shout a little more about it, so more bloggers and readers find their way here.

Having connected self-care with music seemed to be very important because music plays a big part for many when it comes to doing something good for themselves. There was the suggestion to present it a little more inspirational and maybe even bring in some self-care exercises we could share. I hear you ladies and I hope I summarised this correctly.

Ideas on how to evolve The Music Monday Blog Party

Was running around with my thinking cap on all week and this is what I came up with:

One thing I was pondering anyway was the fact, that most of us do not have much time on a Monday morning. I remembered vividly when I worked on Sunday until 4pm and had to be back on Monday morning at 6am. Even though I wanted to give myself some extra time to start the week motivated I just could not get up that much earlier. It’s just not gonna happen!

But why not give ourselves some time on Sunday evening for some pampering when Monday is not possible? Well, the SelfCare Sunday hashtag has already given a hint!

From there I pondered the fact that Monday to Wednesday might just be too short. Even though my idea is to start the week with some extra self-care it really doesn’t stop on Wednesday does it? So why not change the whole thing into a week-long event from Sunday to Saturday? That gives you time to add some self-care when it suits your timeline and personal cycles.

I really love that idea to bring in some self-care exercises that we can share and do together. One good thing about blogging and WordPress especially is the fact that we are a brilliant community: We support each other. We motivate each other. We send out virtual hugs when someone is feeling down or worse and we even kick each other’s behind if need be. I don’t know about you, but I for one certainly need that sometimes. So why not share our journeys to more self-care and love? It would be a pleasure to share and explore more self-care exercises and find out about your ideas and experiences. What do you think my dear readers? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Here are some new suggestions on how to take part in The Music Monday Blog Party:

~ I invite you to appreciate yourself!
~ Preferably do this at the beginning of the week but if that does not fit feel free to choose another time.
~ I invite you to do this with music and to explore a self-care activity
~ Feel free to write a blog post about your experiences but it is perfectly fine if you just do it for yourself or if you share in the comments
~ Also, feel free to incorporate self-care into your everyday life.
~ If you write a post please leave your link here in the comments that we all have the chance to cheer you on!
~ Go and visit your fellow self-care explorer’s posts & blogs
~ I’ll share a round-up post on Saturdays and an invitation post on Sunday afternoons.

What do you think about this approach?

Not happy with the name “Music Monday Blog Party”

Well, there is just one thing that bothers me since I am pondering this whole adventure: I am not sure about the name. “Music Monday Blog Party” is a mouthful and it doesn’t really put the finger on the point. While I do want to share any bloggers post who takes part and took the time to write a post, the main thing is to allow yourself some time for pampering and taking good care of yourself. Also to get some ideas on how to do that. No, don’t worry, music will stay a big part of this adventure but I would like to find a name that encourages more to look at your achievements and be proud of yourself and take good care of yourself. Does that make sense?
So I need your help again. Here is a poll with some suggestions that came to mind but also gives you the chance to give it a name. This is open until next week Saturday

Thanks for your participation!!!!

So, here we go: “Music Monday Blog Party” has some suggestions to evolve and I feel this is a worthwhile adventure!

8 thoughts on “Music Monday Blog Party is evolving ~ Part II!

  1. Music Monday has a nice ring to it. And Love #Self-Care Sunday. The other thing that came to me just now was Music Monday: Soothing Sounds. Thanks for working on this! Hoping I can at least comment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw there was a part2 and ended up here 🙂 I love this idea… and honestly, what with the move and daily lists, I would love to have a self-care start to the week 🙂 With everything around me being new, my old music is what keeps me together when it gets too much!

    Liked by 1 person

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