Music Monday Blog Party (May 14th – 16th, 2018) ~ Celebrate YOUR Life

I feel more and more that we should encourage ourselves to start the week with a little celebration to set the tone for the week and add some sparkle, self-love and motivation to it.

So, I invite you to celebrate your life, and your work with anything you feel you like to celebrate it with: put some extra make-up on, chose your favourite jumper, have an extra cup of tea, coffee, glass of wine, sing a song… You’ll find something I am sure 🙂 .

So feel free to take part in the “Music Monday Blog Party”. And if that is not enough reason then please listen to Emilia over at My Inner MishMash:

“…and I agree with Bee that we do need to celebrate our lives, and that we – as people, but particularly in my opinion, we as people struggling with all kinds of mental illnesses, should think about celebrating more often – we think so often about how we hate our lives so that I feel like we often just forget to think about how much is there to celebrate…”

Come on, let’s celebrate!


The suggestions on how to take part are as follows:

  • I invite you to celebrate your life and your work
  • Do it in any way you like: cup of extra nice coffee, bake a cake, dance, sing or even have a party
  • Write a post about it
  • Add a song either with a video or a link to the song (add the lyrics if you want to). This week I invite you to choose from “oldies” that encourage you.
  • Leave your link here in the comments and I visit and post a shout-out-post on “The Bee Writes…”
  • Party-End is Wednesday 16nd of May 2018, 15.56 pm GMT (Time Converter)
  • Come on bloggers let’s party!

Come on fellow bloggers, you rock!

I know you want to take part 😉 !


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