A Good Goodbye ~ Last “Love Is In Da Blog 2018”

Today is the last day of “Love Is In Da Blog 2018” and I want to thank all participants for their wonderful blog posts. I will thank you properly tomorrow and have a little surprise for you as well as the “Love Is In Da Blog 2018 Participant” badge.

I said yesterday that today is dedicated to all love that has entered and left our lives. Even though I am not sure if any love in our life really can leave us. Even if a relationship or friendship has gone sour there are still memories of better days left and the positive energy you have shared can’t leave you in my opinion.

Another reason why I chose today’s prompt is a song I am listening to a lot lately. It is Linkin Park’s “Good Goodbye”

I have thought a lot about self-love in this “Love Is In Da Blog” and why it is so hard for some of us to accept our own needs as essential and take good care of ourselves. Chester Bennington is an example that it makes no difference how successful we are and how much we are able to follow our talents when it comes to fighting our demons.

Linkin Park’s music has so often got me out of a really bad phase of depression and anxiety and I was devastated when I heard of Benningtons death in July 2017. To me it is so tragic that someone who’s singing had such a positive impact on my mental health was not able to keep seeing at least a little light.

However, I also know the power of black dog and the darkness that comes with him and I have started to ask myself if writing and my creativity will always keep me safe. I have no answer to that question. Or maybe I just don’t want an answer to that question.

What I want is to start a journey to take myself and my needs serious no matter what society thinks about it. To increase the love for myself and that child I have been so many years ago. So Love Is In Da Blog 2019 will be mainly about self-care and self-love. Not sure exactly how I will go about it but that topic seems to be really important not only to me and my loved ones but also to society in general. So please come back and take part in 2019. Thank you!

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