Spicy ~ ABC of Love ~ Love Is In Da Blog 2018

“Spicy” is definitely an interesting prompt for a love-infused blog event in February. Lee over at LadyLeeManila let us have a peek into her husband’s chilli growing and cooking (please go and check out her post) which inspired me to find a Video about cooking. And sure enough, I found one on the TEDx Talks.

I’ve never heard of Fantuzzi before but he seems a creative guy with an inspiring way of teaching people something. He considers “love” a secret spice for cooking so that talk fits perfectly. Of course, I could tell a couple of stories how I made the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world a cheese sandwich with love and chilli and how mysteriously I forgot that I had handled the hot stuff and rubbed my eyes. Outch!

Let’s not go there 🙂 let’s meet Fantuzzi in Vilnius and find out what he is cooking up!


This post takes part in “Love Is In Da Blog 2018” and answers to the prompt “spicy


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