#Poem on Friday ~ New Dog

New Dog

Sensed your spirit

Saw your picture

New dog


Our family


Well, it actually did not work as described in the poem.

For a long time, we wanted a dog but never went for one as long as we lived in rented accommodation. We thought it is not fair for a dog. In rented accommodation, you might have to move at any time and that is not what dogs love to do. So we waited until we had our own home.

In November my mum was visiting us and gave us a little financial present to get ourselves something we really wanted and so at the beginning of December 2017, the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world and daughter from another mother started looking. They found a gorgeous lurcher but it turned out Joey did not like other dogs. The best husband had one of those before and it was just not what we wanted.

So on a whim, we went to another animal rescue center and as it happened they just got Shirky from a racing kennel. She is 2 years old but never had to race. We had to though because the fencing in our garden wasn’t up to standard. On New Years Day we finished and told F.A.I.T.H that we are ready and they came to visit and now she is ours.

I wrote this poem just before we went to look for a dog.

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