Three Things I discovered in 2017!

The end is near!

At least the end of 2017. Tomorrow that is, but it is still a good time to do a tiny little review of the year.

So I’ll share with you my three favourite things I discovered in 2017

1 Gratitude works

I am not quite sure if I started this habit in 2017 or earlier but I have made it my custom to think of at least three things that I am grateful for per day as well as saying thank for the night gone by and the day to come as well as the other way round.

And to my surprise, gratitude works. Not always in expected ways but it certainly has given my life a boost. My depression and anxiety have lessened a lot even though I still struggle with it on a regular basis but it does not feel like the world ends. Gratitude works in that way that it seems to change my attitude towards the darker parts of my life. They are not all-encompassing just a part of my life and I can get over it. That is a very relaxing thing to experience and guess what? I am very grateful for it.

2. Knowledge is power

Well, that is nothing I have discovered in 2017, to be honest, but is something I have always believed in. What I have discovered though are more sources of unregulated learning: Future Learn and Ted-Talks.

Future Learn is a platform that offers the knowledge of university courses for free. Unless, of course, you want to use them forever then you pay a fee and even get a certificate to prove you have taken part. Their courses give me the opportunity to discover topics I never thought I could get a closer insight into like archaeology for example. I love to learn new things but the older I get the more I know I know nothing and so I want to get a deeper knowledge of different things. Architecture is on my list and of course literature.

A co-worker of mine has suggested to me to have a look at Ted-Talks which are about everything and anything. From life lessons from writers to the visions of Elon Musk. (I have to admit I find him particularly boring but that’s just me I think 😉 ).

Lately, I have started to put one of their playlists on my mobile when I cook and/or do the dishes. Most of them boggle my mind and make me think, dream and in general be more open, I guess. Two of my favourite playlists are ” Talks when you want to laugh and think” and ” Talks to watch during your coffee break“. There are a couple of talks in there that made me roar with laughter.

To give you an idea which ones I mean I made a playlist with my favourites:

3. 2017 was not the year of finishing unfinished projects

As I posted before I seem to have a problem with achieving goals. My major goal for 2017 was to finish my writing projects and …. I haven’t. But… I worked more on them and I feel I will finish them in 2018. And guess what? It doesn’t matter. I wrote, I lived and I loved and that I believe is the best way to live a life no matter what year it is!

Let’s find three things to discover in 2018!

I can’t wait to find out what 2018 has in store for me and I am curious to discover new things about life, the universe and everything. And I believe 2017 gave me a brilliant start to do so.

What have you discovered in 2017 and what do you hope to discover in 2018? I am curious to know!



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