Imagine your Blog as a free Experiment

December 2017

How do you go about your blog? Do you have a regular schedule? Do you blog about the same topics regularly? Or do you, like me, still haven’t found your blogging mojo?

I am pondering about how to best go about blogging ever since I started. This is my 15th, 16th, 17th?????! version of my blog and I am very aware of the fact that this way you cannot keep any readers.

Maybe I am a blog vagabond who just cannot stay at one blog, one platform and go in one direction?

Well, I believe, I am changing. Not only have I chosen my blog provider and platform for good (self-hosted WordPress with GoDaddy) but

[Tweet “I have also chosen to just feel ok with being a “post-topic-vagabond””].

But first I want you to have a look at a post I’ve written on my old Blogger blog with the same title:

July 2014

How is your writing going? Are you achieving your goals and are you happy with them? Might it be time to re-evaluate and change direction? Has your writing become a chore or is it still fun?

Last year when I was still blogging on WordPress, I stumbled upon a new blog called “Opinionated Man”. No idea how. Maybe Jason followed mine, and I looked his up. Or I just stumbled across a post of his. I like his style a lot and what I like most is that he does what he likes which makes blogging so much fun.

I forgot all about him when I left WordPress to blog on Blogger but stumbled over his blog again when Linda G Hill mentioned a post of his on Life in Progress. Now I have regularly started reading, and it is so much fun. Ok, he is right: the blog is not for everyone as he voices opinions, but he just constantly makes me laugh and think about my way of blogging.

When I tweeted one of his posts we had a little Twitter conversation, and he asked me:”What are your goals?” And I thought: “Good question!” After pondering it for a few days and remembering how I decided what to write about and to put advertising on my blog I ended up with the conclusion: “I want to experiment!”

The Bee Writes… is an experiment of poetry, my fantasy and sci-fi serials, opinions, motivation, reflections and advertising. I have read a lot about how to blog and to monetize your blog, but nothing gives an answer, to be honest how to create a successful blog. Mine is probably a bit too much of everything, but I don’t care. It’s fun: I can figure how I write and what I write and try out new things like “A Prompt A Day”. But most of all it has brought me in contact with great bloggers and writers out there who enrich my life. I like to share these things. I believe that is what the internet and a blog are for: To share reading ideas, blogging ideas, motivational tips, stories, poems, prompts….

I had blogs with “just” one topic but its just not enough for me. It gets so boring when you have to stay on one topic. So often things are connected but you cannot bring them in if you blog about a topic specifically. Plus I wanted to write about so many things so I had six blogs going and gosh, that is hard to keep the momentum.

Then I decided to just be me and forget all about the “rules” and do what I

like and that seems to be the best “rule” I have ever followed. Whenever my concentration goes too much on SEO and Google Adsense rules and how many followers, I have achieved a sense of dread and boredom comes over me. That kills all creativity. But when I go back to just experimenting my life makes sense.

So how is your writing going? Is it experimenting and having fun or being a bore and a chore? And with which do you feel more comfortable? And at last: What are your goals?

December 2017

I admire my blogging friends who just stayed with one blog, with their chosen topics and with their schedule. Who follow memes on the same day and keep the same sort of blog posts going sometimes for years. And even though I said differently in the above post I felt inadequate as a blogging vagabond.

I most certainly followed Beckett’s quote because I am still here and still blogging. So what is the answer to my blogging~vagabonding? These three steps might help:

1. If you can’t change the situation change your attitude

2. Give yourself a break

3. Imagine your Blog as a Free Experiment


If you can’t change the situation change your attitude

There are things in our lives that just can’t be changed. May it be because the circumstances do not allow it. May it be because you are who you are. May it be because ….. I am sure you find another example for it.

So the old advice to change your attitude because you can’t change the situation seemed the most sensible answer to this blogging dilemma to me.

My attitude was that I need to follow the rules, blog as other’s do and follow a schedule. Succesful people follow a schedule, don’t they? A boring one. One that makes your creativity die.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am sure I do follow a schedule or a rule. Post a post at least once a day. What I can’t seem to keep up is post the same sort of post on the same day at the same time. There is just so much out there that interests me, that I want to blog about and the importance of topics changes for me. Life changes continuously so why can’t my blog change and grow?

I think it can and I think I can allow it to. Especially as I answered this question the same way three years ago. That seems to be my way of blogging. So you blogger out there and Bee, roll with it!

Give Yourself a Break

Breaks are important. We need to rest to keep ourselves healthy but we also need a break in our creative endeavours to fill the well as Julia Cameron so nicely puts it. If your and my readers like our blogs then they will bear with us and come back as soon as we blog again. yes, there is a lot of “competition” out there but readers also like their usual pads and won’t abandon you just because you take care of yourself.

And also give yourself a break from your expectations and your feelings of inadequacy. We are ok the way we are. I strongly believe that a blog will grow if you keep true to yourself and don’t care about what others think or say.

Imagine your Blog as a Free Experiment

If you like me feel like there is just too much to write about and too little blog or too little time then just imagine your blog as a free experiment:

Let go of all expectations, all advice and all rules and just roll with what your intuition and your creativity dictate you to do.

It won’t work any other way!

I have tried it in different ways since 2009 and have decided to embrace my inner blogging vagabond and write about all the topics that are important to me whenever they are important.

And I encourage you to do the same: Let your goal be to free your ideas and topics from any schedule and entertain your readers in any way you want to experiment with. Make your readers think with the crazy ideas and dreams you have and encourage them to follow their own.



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