#Poem at night: My Rage

September 2016

In February 2012 I stumbled over a new artist and her song. It was Laura Marling and her song “All My Rage”.

It was at a time where my rage came more to the foreground and I started to deal with. One way was to write a poem about it inspired by this song.

February 2012

inspired by Laura Marling‘s Song “All My Rage


Cancer like churning my heart

Never acknowledged

Gnawing my fingertips

to the burning blood.


Incinerates my lost souls


night by night by night…


Lost in the endless


of my rage!



3 thoughts on “#Poem at night: My Rage

    • Thanks Carol Anne, That is one of my favourites. Our rage gives us so much power if we accept it as part of our journey. But we are taught that it is a bad thing. I don’t think it is because most of us manage to channel it into creativity of all sorts. It’s only a bad thing if we let it’s power become destructive. I am working on that a lot lately. Take care and thanks for reading

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