#340 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee & #frapalymo prompt 7. May 2015 ~ spring without spring

So exciting how much poetry can be in two pages of a book. Yesterday’s prompt was challenging but brilliant as well. So what has @FrauPaulchen in store for us today? Let her tell us:

(this is my translation of @FrauPaulchen’s post yesterday in German)

oh, how beautiful the prompt for the sixth #frapalymo poem was. it gave me so much joy and lead me different ways and gave me different words. i will certainly use this prompt more often! and how great to read your different texts which were different for you too! a pleasure! 

for tomorrow we travel rather classical paths and have a look at the season. because I believe we never had a spring poem as task. but: of course, we won’t have it that easy. a small challenge will be there. let’s write a spring poem that is full of spring but without the word spring. 

the prompt for the poem on 7. May is: “write a spring poem without the word spring in it”. i am sure your poems will breathe spring through every letter even without spring! 

and the small print: please let me know via email or Twitter, if you take part. then i can post the link to your blog/poem on Twitter. or post the link in the comments under the daily prompt post on my blog. hashtag for Twitter is #frapalymo and I am @FrauPaulchen.

Suggestions for taking part in the English version of #frapalymo

1. read translation of @FrauPaulchen’s prompt here on Bee’s blog
2. write your English (German if you can/want to) poem on your blog and tag it with “English #frapalymo”
3. use the “English #frapalymo” picture if you want to
4. set a link to the translated prompt here on Bee’s blog
5. visit other links posted here and if you want to/can those posted with the hashtag #fapalymo on Twitter
6. The Bee will post your link to the German #frapalymo and translate for you if you want to

It already has become a multi-country/language project! Thanks!!!!!

Please head over to Helen Espinosa to find English #frapalymo poems.


not a haiku
fair cherry blossoms
fall around my soul when I
wander snowdrop paths

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