#Poem of the Day: #317 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Language Is A Virus ~ Interactive Haiku Generator

This entry was first posted in April 2015 on my old blog:

Indeed it is and I just remembered that I have been on that page a lot at the beginning of the project. Therefore I will revisit today and see what I can create today :-). Hope you enjoy and like to play a little too!

Anything about poetry on Language Is A Virus

I used the Interaktive Haiku-Generator and typed in these words: sunflowers, summer, rain, blooming, we, dance, along, river, beautiful, is, today, sky, heaven, blue, yellow, nearby, warm, 

This is what it created:

In the sky blooming
these beautiful today
A summer blue

apologies to Basho

From nearby to nearby
The sky blooming summer
To the .heaven.

apologies to Basho

No one is
Along this but I,
This heaven rain.

apologies to Basho

In the is warm
No river can
How soon it must sky.

apologies to Basho

An along rain …
A along skyinto the sunflowers,
sunflowers! again.

apologies to Basho

blue rain,
The blue is rain of sunflowers

apologies to Buson

yellow from the sky
yellow In the today.

apologies to Buson

The sunflowers
today his nearby

apologies to Issa

nearby beautiful
heaven, that summer,
To the blue in the sunflowers.

apologies to Issa

along’s summer
sky of the nearby!
the along’s dance through

apologies to Issa

Don’t sky, summer
we, is,
Must blooming.

apologies to Issa

As sunflowers who warm
And sky.

apologies to Shiki

is yellow,
How much along of it dance?
The isis beautiful.

by Shiki

is those blooming blue
We nearby a sunflowers blooming
On a we in rain.

apologies to Shiki

I beautiful an is
and river my blue sky
have been blue.

apologies to Kato Shuson

today the
summer, sky beautiful in yellow
with no today to blooming.

apologies to Soseki

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