#Poem of the Day: #300 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Counting Poetry (Attention rude language) ~ A Blast from the Past

This was first posted in March 2015:

With today’s poem, I have written 300 poems since 1. June 2014. Blimey! And there are only 65 left to write which is approximately two months and a bit.

My poetry project torture at times

For my poetry project that is. It’s been torture at times. However, it’s also been a pleasure and so much fun to find new poetry forms and all those gadgets where you can play with poetry.

It’s become a bit of a routine at times, and the poetry shows it I suspect. It doesn’t matter though. Writing poetry for me is like being an athlete. You have to train every day. Some days your times are great. Some days they are shit.

Some days you find a gem

And so is poetry. Some days you find a gem and some days it’s just crap. Sorry for my language. I do believe that poetry is not only the “high” and formal stuff like sonnets. Poetry for me is an expression of life experience. It is making sense of life from the poet’s point of view.

There are forms you like and which come naturally to you and there are forms that aren’t. That does not mean those that don’t are less worthy. They are just different.

I do not believe in Stephen Fry’s critique of today’s poetry

I love Stephen Fry, but I do not believe in his critique of today’s poetry. Yes, it is less formal and therefore supposedly easier to write but you still have to transport images, feelings, truths with your words and that is not an easy thing to do no matter which poetic form you use.

I admire people who can pin down a proper sonnet or any other formal poem. Who can write ballads and other long-form poems? However, I believe that there is abundance in creativity and poetry, and not only one way is the right way to do poetry.

Life changes and so does poetry, literature and art

I also believe that we are in a huge change of life & society and therefore poetry, literature and art, in general. Art, literature and poetry make sense of life as I said before and, therefore, has to develop new forms when things change.

For me, the invention and now everyday use of the internet and gadgets like smartphones, etc. are as big a change as the invention of the wheel and book print. We are at the beginning of a new age, and we have no idea yet where it will lead us.

Today’s upheavals show this change

Today’s upheavals in politics, religion and society show how much life is changing. The longing of many people for easy answers which they try to find in populist parties like the Nigel Farage’s UKIP here in Britain or pseudo-religious organisations which promote medieval thinking like Islamic State show that as well.

Change creates fear in many of us. Change means having to adjust, having to find new ways of dealing with life, and there is nothing scarier than new things coming into one’s life.

Art, poetry and literature is one way of making sense

Art, poetry and literature have always been one way of making sense of the change and showing how we can deal with these changes. But all three had to develop new expressions for themselves to show that change adequately.

And that is in my opinion where we stand right now. Where all of us do our bit to create these new ways of expression and making sense of life. Life will cast out that which does not make sense or which does not hit the tone that is there in all of us.

Only those forms will survive that express exactly where we are right now, and it is not for us to judge this. Those who come after us will do that. And they will do that much more efficiently and professionally than we can.

My words are one shade in the huge prism of poetry

So, have I created a new form that makes sense of life as it is today with “A Prompt A Day For Bee“? I doubt it very much. But I express life as it shows itself to me. I give you my interpretation of feelings, experiences, truths and society.

My words are one shade in the huge prism of art, poetry and literature. There are some whom my words speak to. There are some whom my words do not speak to. And that is ok.

With this project, I have done what I felt I needed to do to get on with my life’s path. I have shared it with you, and I hope it gave something to you. It has given a multitude of new experiences to me and alone for that it is and was worth it!

counting poetry
counting syllables
counting stanzas
never made
to me.
counting experiences
counting emotions
gives you
understanding of


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