“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ My BFF!

Oh dear, I have to admit that I hate that abbreviation. Might have to do with the fact that I found abbreviations the most difficult to learn in the English language. They usually don’t teach you in school and, to be honest, when I was in school there were no mobiles nor txt’s and neither that many incredible abbreviations.

But I digress. For all those who don’t know: BFF is “Best Friends Forever!”. Now besides the abbreviation problem, I have problems with the “forever” as well. I had several best friends over the years but when I grew and healed they sometimes didn’t follow. Or they grew and healed, and I didn’t follow. We lost each other along the way or even left with a quarrel.

I also believe that it puts a lot of pressure on you if you have to stay a friend forever.

On the other hand, it is nice to have someone around who knows you for a very long time and knows your quirks and where you come from. Both the time and the place you come from. (I bet it is hard for today’s teenagers to imagine you could survive without a mobile and a laptop, and you were allowed to ride your bike without a helmet).

However, there are also best friends who suddenly drop into your life, and you just know: We understand each other! A best friend does not need to be a very old one.

No matter what: Today we celebrate our best friends: May they be a pet, the husband, your kindergarten friend…. you get the gist.

I believe the love of a friend (may he or she be best or not) is very important in one’s life but I also believe that we first have to be our own best friend to allow another to be our friend. And it’s quite often a question of definition anyway whom you accept as a friend. No matter what:

Now my darlings: go, create and have lots of fun!

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