“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Brothers and Sisters


I just wrote, “Bothers and Sisters” instead of “Brothers and Sisters”. It’s funny how Mr Freud made its way in my writing. As with my father, I do not have any contact with my brother. That came rather from his side than from mine, but I can understand why he reacts that way.

Things between members in an abusive family are difficult. I have done things to him I wish I could take back. I can’t, and it is tough for me to forgive myself. Even though I have worked on it in therapy (and it is not as bad as it used to be) it is still part of who I am.

I used to feel about him as a “bother” as I had to take care of him very early in my life. We used to be very close, even though. And if I have a look in that very dark corner full of pain in my heart I have to admit that I miss him. I don’t allow myself to feel that very often.

The good thing about all this is though that there are lots of brothers and sisters out there who get along well with each other. So today we celebrate the love between sisters and brothers in any way you feel it should be celebrated!

Description for visually impaired readers: Differently coloured canopy of three trees on left with black writing in middle: Love Is In Da Blog 2015

Now my darlings: go, create and have lots of fun!

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