“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Fathers

Now this one is a hard one for me as I do not get on well with my father. In fact, I have not seen him in many years neither do I have any contact. I broke the contact when I moved to Great Britain as I realised that his presence in my life is not good for me.

I know, many people believe that you have to be in contact with your blood family no matter what or believe it is your duty to forgive those who have hurt you. Mind you, I believe I have forgiven him as I let go of the anger, fear and rage his behaviour has caused. That does not mean I need to be in contact with him.

Still, like with my mother, there are fathers in my life who have shown me that “father” means “Love”, “caring” and “protection”.

That is why today we celebrate the fathers in our lives no matter if they are related or not.

Description for visually impaired readers: Differently coloured canopy of three trees on left with black writing in middle: Love Is In Da Blog 2015

Now my darlings: go, create and have lot’s of fun!

7 thoughts on ““Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Fathers

  1. I understand… You can forgive someone, but still realize that you are healthier with that person out of your life. If it is better for your soul, then that’s the way it should be. As long as you have a clear conscious that you did everything that you could to be the daughter that you should be. If he can’t meet on his end, it is his loss. I’ve had several of these relationships with my family. Thankfully, I’ve mended the one with my mother, but I still refuse to be her punching bag–physically or mentally. When she visits now, we keep it short and sweet, and if she starts to attack, I walk away. We don’t have to be punching bags–physically or metaphorically.

    Hugs to you for your strength to know what’s best.

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