“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ The Rainbow Of Love

Description for visually impaired readers: Differently coloured canopy of three trees on left with black writing in middle: Love Is In Da Blog 2015

Last Monday the sun was standing low and it rained a little. When I realised that I jumped up and said to the husband: “There should be a rainbow!” And yes: I looked out of the window and a rainbow slowly came into view.

The rainbow is a symbol of hope for me. And I suspect a symbol of hope for many fellow humans who do not fall into the category “hetero”. Shan over at “ShanJeniah’s Lovely Chaos” put up a wonderful post on Wednesday where she explained the Vulcan idea of IDIC but also expressed her wish that everybody should be allowed to live their sexuality as they please as long as it incorporates respect and free will for each other.

I totally agree.

Yesterday, I challenged you to be opinionated and today I challenge you to be tolerant and free-thinking. Please celebrate the many expressions of love which are expressed in the rainbow (gay, lesbian, bi, trans). And as always: Make this prompt your own. If it inspires something entirely different: Feel free to share anyway.

You can find the rules/suggestions of how to take part here:

β€œLove Is In Da Blog” February Ping Back Post & Rules (Week 1)

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