“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Love Thyself

My Darlings you are in the claws of an extreme woman ;-): My star sign is Scorpio, and I am ginger (and my mother was the same!): I really had no chance at all LOL.

What does this have to do with “Love Is In Da Blog”? Well, as much as I concentrated on form yesterday and gave you lots of possibilities as simple it will be today:

Love Thyself!

Many of you might know the Bible verse from Matthew 22,39:Β You shall love your neighbour as yourself. Most of you are probably also brought up with the interpretation that it is more important to love the people around you than yourself. It is often especially for women implied that you have to give up your own needs and wants.

A few years ago I read another interpretation that really was a question: “How can you love “your neighbour as yourself” if you do not love yourself? If you do not love yourself, you are not able to do that with others either. In consequence, loving yourself certainly means your own needs and wants are very important to be able to be there for those around you. That has changed my way of thinking and my life deeply.

If this week is about “Love, in General” then, of course, we have to start with ourselves.

Feel free to interpret this prompt (Love Thyself!) as you please and use the medium you please :-).

Now my darlings: go, create and have lots of fun!

You can find the rules/suggestions of how to take part here:

“Love Is In Da Blog” February Ping Back Post & Rules (Week 1)

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