Good Morning Writers! ~ Excitement

Portrait of Bee Halton

description for visually impaired readers: photo of The Bee with open ginger hair wearing a white cardigan and brown and black shirt. Background a white wooden door, bowl with oranges and printer on a wooden table

How is your writing going? Are you bored with your creations? Or do you have exciting ideas?

Well, sometimes life just creates the most exciting projects just like that: Last month I took part in Linda G. Hill’s “Just Jot It January” with my other blog “Just Fooling around with Bee”.

Last week I expressed my sadness that it would end soon, and Linda and I got into a little comment conversation. In jest, I said I could do a blog hop myself and “whoops” “Love Is In Da Blog” came into existence.

I am brimming with ideas. I fear I won’t have enough time for it all. I am excited. It has been a long time that I have been so excited about my writing. Yes “A Prompt A Day For Bee” started the same way, and I am a little bored with it right now. But “Love Is In Da Blog” will give me some great ideas at least for one month. And then there are only three months left of it.

I bet I will be sad when that ends too. I also bet I will get more exciting ideas. I can’t wait.

And what about you? What do you get excited about this week?

Description for visually impaired readers: Differently coloured canopy of three trees on left with black writing in middle: Love Is In Da Blog 2015

If you want to know more about “Love Is In Da Blog” please have a look here!

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