A last “Jot It” Stream of Consciousness Saturday with Love from me to you

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No don’t worry I do not stop taking part in SoCS. It’s much too much fun to leave. But it’s the last day of “Just Jot It January” and as I have to work in the afternoon I have to be a little bit practical and connect the projects I take part in. I hope you forgive me.

Linda’s prompt for today’s SoCS is “scene/seen”. And I think I just skip it and do some pure, egotistic advertising.

You remember? I am going to do a blog hop for February and it’s all about love. Of course, there might be some inspiration from Linda’s last prompt at “Just Jot It January” which was “sex”.

Let’s talk about sex, baby” was one of my favourite songs a few years ago. Well, probably more some decades ago lol. It’s a song from “Salt’n Peppa” and the next line went: “Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex”.

Even though I am a bit prudish in that area I consider it important to keep it in the open. We have a teenager in the house and a soon to be a teenager and it will be a topic sooner or later. But also in adult relationships, it’s important to talk about “the good things and the bad things that might be!”

I think good sex has a lot to do with communication. There is so much we assume but it might not always be the right thing.

Just Jot It January 2015

Your husband might have a sore back and is a bit careful while making love but it might look to you like you are not attractive to him anymore. It is far from it but it feels like it to you.

Only if you trust each other enough to communicate what is really going on and trusting each other to be honest will allow you to solve the wrong assumptions. Taboos do not help. They keep reality out and keeps people prisoner of other peoples values.

The taboo of speaking about sex has kept so many children from telling their parents or anyone whom they trust about being abused. It makes me so angry to hear today how many children were and are affected and that is one reason why I want to talk about LOVE in February. Because “Love is a battle field” and it is not only a romantic notion.

I am very grateful for now being in a very romantic and caring relationship but I have experienced the opposite as well. Writing about it and talking about it helps me to heal from those experiences and it would be great if it would help others as well.

And then there is one more reason why I want to talk about “LOVE” in February. This week I saw a documentary on CBBC about a transgender boy. For those who do not know what that means: it is a boy who was born in a girls body. The documentary showed his way of changing his body to the right gender but it also showed how much trans-gender people had to suffer who are much older than him. I had a transgender friend and I know a little about the struggle they have to go through. No one no matter how crazy they might seem should go through a struggle like this.

Well, looks like I used Linda’s prompt after all because I have seen a lot in my life and it is part of my creativity to fight for the happiness of all and to show how things are and might happen.

Well, don’t worry. There will be some romance in “LOVE Is In Da Blog” as well :-). I hope I can inspire you to take part.

And last but not least a big THANK YOU! to Linda for “Just Jot It January” and “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. It has given me some great inspiration and a few blog posts I enjoy enormously. May your keyboard be blessed and the ideas never run out :-)!

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This post takes part in Linda G. Hill’s “Just Jot It January” and “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

0 thoughts on “A last “Jot It” Stream of Consciousness Saturday with Love from me to you

    • morgaine620 says:

      Hi Prajakta, nice to meet you. Thanks very much. I need all the luck I can get. As I told Linda: too many ideas not enough time :-). I am glad I can inspire. Would be nice to have your input to “Love Is In Da Blog”!


  1. So true about sex and communication. It’s something we need to talk about with our kids, but have a hard time finding the courage to. Thinking about it logically, it makes no sense! Thanks for talking about it here. πŸ™‚
    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on LOVE Is In Da Blog!
    Thanks so much for your kind words, Bee! I’m so glad I could inspire you! πŸ˜€
    Best of luck with your new project! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • morgaine620 says:

      Thanks Linda and you are welcome :-). I need the luck as I think I am having too many ideas and not enough time…. :-). Maybe we’ll find the words together to talk about sex with the teenagers and others involved πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this idea, and what you have to say about it. I have to say that I’m really thankful that we’ve always talked to the kids about sex, so we’ve got open lines of communication (and trusted adults besides us they can talk to, if they need advice that doesn’t come from Mom and Dad).

    Might be something to write about! =D

    Liked by 1 person

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