The Bee Talks With… Abby L. Vandiver

Portrait of author Abby L Vandiver

Today I am proud to introduce you to Abby Vandiver who has been so kind to let us have a sneak-peek into her writing life.

I am quite surprised how spot-on she answered my questions in very few words. That is quite a talent.

Oh, you might have seen that I have updated my questions a little. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-)!

How would you describe yourself in one paragraph?

Me in one paragraph? Uhm, well I’m smart. Really smart and very inquisitive. People sometimes don’t like that I ask so many questions. I give good advice, I’m friendly – I’ll talk to anyone and I love to smile.

A fun fact about you?

I am usually the life of the party. I’m the one that keeps the laughs coming.

What made you write in the first place?

I found out I was good at it. Don’t think I would have come up with it on my own.

Which Author has influenced you and why?

This is awful to say, but I don’t read much. So I really can’t say that any one author has influenced me. But I can tell you, I am loving Indie authors. I read a lot of self-published books and there are so awesome writers out there.

What is your favourite book?

My book! (**Hand Over Mouth** Should I say the title??)

Your writing ritual (if you have one)? 

Oh, my goodness no. I write when something hits me. Then I jot it down on a napkin, receipt or whatever is available. Sometimes I like it quiet, sometimes I put on a little music.

Your secret “sin” when you write?

Wouldn’t be a secret if I told you! (I do have one though, a dirty little one, but I ain’t telling)

Do you suffer from writers block and if, what do you do against it?

Sometimes I do. And to cure it I read a book. I can always get (original) ideas from reading.

Your advice for apprentice writers?

Make sure you have someone to beta read or bounce ideas around with. It really helps the writing process.

Thank you Abby for being so kind and telling us about your writing life!

Want to know more about Abby? Here is her bio:

Through her various occupations, Abby discovered her love of writing. She’d always been told she had a gift for telling stories, combining the two, she became an author.

Her debut novel, the mystery/sci-fi, In the Beginning, was an Amazon #1 bestseller, it was written on a whim, packed away, and rediscovered some twelve years later. After publishing it in 2013, Abby decided to make writing a full-time endeavor. She’s penned three novels since – two stand-alone sequels and a historical/women’s fiction novel that she co-wrote under the pen name Kathryn Longino. Abby hopes to publish another historical novel, and a paranormal romance story in 2015.

Abby, a former lawyer and college professor, has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, a master’s in Public Administration, and a Juris Doctor. A lifetime resident of Cleveland, Ohio, Abby spends all of her time writing and enjoying her three wonderful grandchildren.

You can get in touch with Abby here:

Abby’s Author page
Abby on Twitter
Abby on Facebook
Abby’s Amazon Authorpage

Book Cover In The Beginning by Abby L Vandiver

About one of Abby’s books:

Man only uses ten percent of his brain. What if he had the ability to use the other ninety percent?
What if he already has?
Perhaps the history you’ve been taught wasn’t the truth.

A fifty year old journal.
2,000 year old manuscripts hidden with the Dead Sea Scrolls . . .
The answer to Earth’s ancient mysteries revealed.

In 1949, Dr. Amos Sabir is assigned to translate four manuscripts that were found in Cave #4 at Qumran. Dr. Samuel Yeoman, Editor-in-Chief is tasked with presenting the information contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls to the world. Neither is prepared to share what they find. Even if it means they have to lie or kill to keep it secret.

History repeats itself. Unfortunately for mankind, arrogance and greed are a part of human nature. And that same human nature that almost drove mankind to extinction thousands of years ago, is rearing its ugly head – again.

In 1997 Justin Dickerson, Biblical Archaeologist, and self-proclaimed re-creator of history, is finding little purpose to her existence as of late. She jumps at the invitation to attend the 50th Jubilee of the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls to help with the remaining needed translations. Instead, a chance discovery of a journal of one of the original translators of the famed manuscripts sets her off on a path that will unravel the foundation of mankind’s belief of his origins forever. Obsessed with the possibility that history has purposely been destroyed, she is soon faced with the shocking discovery of what really happened In the Beginning . . .

Not fast paced or action packed, In the Beginning is a thought-provoking story that’ll make you wonder if it could really be true. Man only uses ten percent of his brain. What if he had the ability to use the other ninety percent?
What if he already has?
Perhaps the history you’ve been taught wasn’t the truth.

You can purchase them here:

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