Just Jot It January Whatever Day

WARNING: This post takes part in Linda G. Hills Just Jot It January. Please do not follow the link and find more brilliant, funny, thought provoking and wonderful blog posts!!!!!

Oh boy, is the weather horrible out there!

This is what I tweeted just a moment ago:

Thank goodness I have already been out to do the shopping and there are lots of blog posts to write. The “Whatever” day by the way is not meant to be rude. It just means I have left my brain behind on my day off and can’t remember which of my JuJoJan days it is.

Maybe it is also because I am sad: There are just 3 JuJoJan days left and what am I going to do afterwards?????

Any suggestions?

0 thoughts on “Just Jot It January Whatever Day

  1. That’s a lot of rain!!
    What can you do…? If I had the stamina (and the time) I’d host another month of blogs; I’m not even keeping up with this month though! 😦 At this point I’m wondering if I’ll be able to April’s A-Z for just one of my blogs. πŸ˜›

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