No Jot It Today….

Not all of the posts in the list are re-integrated so I deleted the links. But if you put the titles in the search on top of this blog you should find some of them…sorry for the inconvenience

…. even though my love is not gone away ;-).

I just can’t be bothered. The Cider tastes nice, the fire cackles a little beside me and I am ready for bed. Therefore, I encourage you to hop over to my usual writing pad “The Bee Writes…” and have a stroll around there.

Some suggestions?

I don’t want to be in that dark place (Good Morning Writers!)

Out of Practice Aphrodite (book review)

Crow (Big Garden Watch and poem)

Lisa ( Sad Lisa and the cats)

The Bee Talks With… (author interviews)

Coffee (a poem)

Well, it’s not that I force you to read any of THAT stuff :-)…

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