One Lovely Blog Hop

Oh, I am honoured!

Our Rumbling Ocean” was so kind to nominate “Just Fooling around with Bee” for “One Lovely Blog Hop” (that post doesn’t exist anymore). Please pay Boeta and his parents a visit as you can find the cutest boy in South Africa and lots and lots of beautiful pictures of Flora and Fauna in exactly that exciting country.

Of course, there are rules but these are of the easy kind:

  • Share 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs that you enjoy

Ok, here it comes:

  1. I feel more British than German but when it comes down to it I am human
  2. I am a writer but not a coffee drinker….. truly British I prefer tea
  3. Speaking of drinking: I love the odd bottle of cider especially after a tough day at the day job
  4. I have read the Luther Bible (German Original) fully and made up my own mind
  5. Last week I have decided to become a Union Representative: There is only power in organising oneself
  6. I am a true blogging addict: 10 blogs and counting????Β (not anymore…)
  7. I love Kaesespaetzle a Swabian dish

And now for something entirely different: 15 Blog nominations

  1. Shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos ~ Life, writing and everything
  2. Cooking with A Wallflower ~ brilliant recipes
  3. ReaderbuzzΒ ~ So many books and no time to read
  4. Mama knows BooksΒ ~ books I would never have discovered without Shandy
  5. Irene Design 2011 ~ Just such beautiful words and jewellery
  6. Morpeth Road ~ beautiful poems and stories
  7. Books, Music, Photography & Movies ~ it’s what it says πŸ™‚
  8. Traces of the soul ~ sometimes sad but always beautiful
  9. Notes Tied To A Sage Brush ~ writing and photography
  10. Julie Mirishka Nicholls ~ creative, creative, creative
  11. Jeanne Owens Author ~ Where you find diversity
  12. Silverthreading ~ A Journey into Retirement
  13. Willowdot ~ sometimes dark but always poetic
  14. Catching Fireflies ~ Reading and Writing and more
  15. Forty, C’est Fantastique ~ a little French here and there

My dear fellow bloggers, yes, I nominated you but it is entirely up to you if you take part in these things. I just love them.

Have a happy Thursday!

0 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Hop

  1. Hi Morgaine620 I am really honoured to recieve this ‘ONE LOVELY BLOG HOP’ ! Unfortunately I have stoped taking awards for over a year now as due to pressure of time I cannot fullfil the rules . I cannot brake my rule of no awards as, 1, peope I nominate will think I have started accepting awards again and 2, I cannot! But thank you so much and I hope you are not offended! Be well and Happy willow.xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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