JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 12 ~ No Numbers for me today

Just popping in to directly pop out again.

Since 3 weeks my friend and I have planned to meet up at her place (about 45 min drive from where I live) and I am determined to keep the appointment even though it is quite windy around here (SW 5-6 Gusts 37mph).

I actually was supposed to work from 8-12 but as I worked on the first of January I got today off. That was a nice surprise because I hate working on Mondays. It muddles my whole week up if I don’t have time to meditate properly on Mondays.

On my way to them, I will go and buy some flour both for her and us at Letheringsett Mill. It’s a watermill still working and their flour is brilliant. A little more expensive than the supermarket stuff (I can get 1,5 KG bread flour for 1Β£) but it’s worth it because the quality is miles better and will last us longer.

That was one of my New Years resolutions: To buy more and more organic, fair-trade and from small businesses. If you have a look into it you realise that it’s actually not much more expensive. Our organic fruit and veg are a little more expensive but only because we buy more. It just tastes delicious. We buy from a box scheme and that makes all the difference. Flour from Letheringsett and my tea will probably come from Clipper in the future.

This post is 268 words long but I have to go!


I have actually used some numbers…… ;-)!

This post is part of Linda G. Hills Just Jot It January

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