JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 4 & 5

Just Jot It January 2015

Ah, I can’t stop the jotting ;-).

Even though I did not post yesterday as I had a full shift I was quite busy with the old keyboards. I have to admit that I am not a longhand writer. My handwriting is a nightmare that even I often cannot read. Therefore, laptops and smart phones are my saving grace. No wonder it’s just with the rise of both that I have started to write like mad (well sometimes at least :-)).

What have I been jotting down?

A few hundred more words each day for the first draft of my fantasy story and plans how to get all my writing projects on the go. Besides three blogs and the fantasy story, I try to self-publish a poetry book this year and want to start writing for money. Yes, that paying device we do not speak of lol.

I also played around with all of my blogs: connected all of them with links and will probably change the layout or theme. Not sure for “The Bee Writes…” as I quite like that one, but I already did with “Zara ~ A Writing Odyssey”. With this one, I don’t know yet. But this year has a few days left to decide…

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