SoCS, Mr T and a cup of T

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Not so sure what to write for today’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday“. Linda’s prompt is simply “T”.

Mr T comes to mind. Does he exist?

Ah, yes just googled him and I had the right hunch: I love Mr T. I watched the 80’s series of “A-Team” and also the newer films even though I think they do not come any close to the series.

I loved Mr T from the beginning because of his fear of flying which I entirely share with him. Even though no one ever had to knock me out to get on a plane, I can’t imagine doing a longer flight than 2 hours. That’s the maximum that means I probably have to take New Zealand and Alaska from my travelling bucket list ;-).

Here in Britain, they show another series called “World Craziest Fools” which he presents. Even though my spiritual self ushers me rather to be full of love and understanding towards my fellow human beings I just can’t help laughing out loud at how thick some people can be. It’s incredible but never fails to cheer me up. I hope karma and the gods will forgive me :-).

Oh, I admit I stumble around a bit with my thoughts. But that’s what Stream of Consciousness Saturday is about I believe: Just let your subconsciousness create as it pleases and right now it pleases to think about a cup of T ….

Oh, dear…..

0 thoughts on “SoCS, Mr T and a cup of T

  1. My son (age 19) is a big fan of the original A-Team series: we own all the seasons on DVD, if that is any indication of his admiration for Mr. T and company. I had no idea that he hosted a BBC show! Fun post πŸ™‚


    • morgaine620 says:

      Thanks very much. Oh great I didn’t think the youngsters still like 80’s shows. Yes, I was quite surprised to see him there. Its running about two or three years now and is sooooo funny

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