#214 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ New Year

* I have re-posted most of the poems in this series in 2018 and 2019 find them here

I am excited!

The older I get, the more excited I get at the beginning of a year. So many opportunities and even though often things do not turn out as planned it always feels like everything is how it should be.

As I wrote yesterday lately, I often look back to my younger self. Bee as a girl always wanted to go to Great Britain. She was not able to take part in the school exchange though as her mother was ill, and we could not have had a pupil from abroad as a guest. So I had to stay at home while others went, and I so wished I could go.

Bee as a young woman always wanted to go and work or study in Great Britain, but she just was not courageous enough to take the step. I was still surviving and not living.

Then an early mid-life crisis happened and I just did it. I just left. When I look back at that time now, I cannot understand what came over me. I had no job, but people in my life who helped me. And even though I do not have contact with some of them now I am still grateful for their support.

It certainly did not turn out how I thought it would: I wanted to become a teacher and just work at the supermarket until I could get there. I am still at the supermarket and am far from being a teacher, but I am writing.

I am writing daily, and I am so curious where my plans for 2015 lead me. I have a wonderful family and great friends both off and online, and I had a chance to heal at last.

So, I invite you to write a poem about the new year and what you are looking forward to.

Hey, new year!


new                year!
you                                                 up
my                    plans?

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