Who can talk to The Bee?

April 2019

The posts of the blog series I am talking about is now all over the place but you can find them collected here at the “The Bee Talks With…” tag

December 2014

A few weeks ago I read about a survey mslexia had done. It asked how discriminating the readers were with their books. It was, of course, only aimed at different genres but in the same magazine was an article about how black authors today do not have the same publicity they had in the ’90s for example.

Both articles made me wonder how much I use my “white” blinders both in what I read and whom I am talking to in my blog. It is great people I have been talking to so far ~ thanks to all of you who took your time to take part. But the truth is there is a “white” dominance so far and that made me take an early New Years resolution:

My blog will be multi-colour-cultural-spiritual….!

I believe that no matter what colour our skin has, where we come from, which gender we have, what sexuality we prefer, which religion we follow …. we all have the same rights and should have the same chance to be seen in the blogosphere. And it’s time now to put my words where my blog is ;-).

Therefore, if you look for a platform to speak about your book and your life as a writer please do not hesitate to ask me no matter what genre you write in, where you come from and whom you write for. Well, I do not put up with racists, paedophiles and extremists of any sort. You get the gist….

I like my horizon to be opened and I am sure you will help me :-).

I would also like to open the “The Bee Talks With…” series to blogs and not only author’s of novels, etc. You are a writer if you regularly blog and you can give advice to those who just start up. It would be great to hear from you.

Well, “The Bee Talks With…” is settled for this year but 2015 has great opportunities and I am looking forward to whom I will meet.

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