#169 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ time

We have reached half time at #frapalymo and by the end of the month also half time at “A Prompt A Day For Bee“. It is an exciting project, sometimes cumbersome but always creative no matter what. I have planned to make a book out of the whole experience and I can’t wait to edit 365 poems :-).

But now to Sophie’s prompt:

you can find the original German post here: #frapalymo impuls 17nov14

” i want to find out how time ruled you are with prompt no 17…

and that is why the prompt for #frapalymo no 17 is: “clocktimetext”. maybe you remember an occasion that happened at a certain time ~ your first kiss maybe, which was so exciting (or not exciting), that you just had to remember the time it happened? or maybe the 16.56 feeling just before tea time on sunday with tea, coffee and cake? or two o’clock at night the restless look between window and door? i am curious where your times will send you ~ and if the time does not appear in your poem (it does not have to), you can always write it underneath the poem if you want to.

and the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter, if you want to verse with me, that means I can tweet the link to your post. or post your poem or the link to your poem in the comment section under my poem on the according day. hashtag for me to recognise the tweet isΒ #frapalymoΒ (mainly in German) and I amΒ @FrauPaulchen.”
Of course, you can leave your poem or the link to it here on “The Bee Writes…” in the comment section and I will tweet about it and tell Sophie.

How Long?

how long
has it been
we’ve seen each
a year
a lifetime
a dream time
we hug
it is
we have
never left!

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