#168 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Whispers

Delicious, yesterday’s poems :-):

You can find Sophie’s original German post here:

” and already we are half through #frapalymo in november. congratulations and keep it up! i have lots of fun you know and am speechless, exalted, dazed, moved, happy about your texts. and many thanks for your nice words and your careful interaction with each other!

and now: let’s get into the second half of #frapalymo: a well of fine words isย @fliegergedanke. i accompany her since a while on twitter and delight in her words, her feeling for music, her imagnination, her being.

and that is why the prompt for #frapalymo no 16 is: ” quiet whispering grows behind the ears” * – many thanks for this tweet from a few days ago and the inspiration all year long,ย @fliegergedanke!

* please bear in mind, that #frapalymo does not mean to use the words of the prompt exactly. they should make you think and encourage you to verse. if you use the exact words please give credit. thank you.

and the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter, if you want to verse with me, that means I can tweet the link to your post. or post your poem or the link to your poem in the comment section under my poem on the according day. hashtag for me to recognise the tweet isย #frapalymoย (mainly in German) and I amย @FrauPaulchen.”
Of course, you can leave your poem or the link to it here on “The Bee Writes…” in the comment section and I will tweet about it and tell Sophie.

Description for visually impaired readers: dark landscape on bottom with trees on horizon. Sun rises in middle surrounded by clouds which gives an impression of fire. On top of image clouds mainly in greyish purple colour



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