#163 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Curious Words

Today @FrauPaulchen did not only challenge me with her prompt and the poem coming from it but also with translating the prompt: She uses the word collection of a German artist called Monika Rinck, whom she met on an art course this summer. The word collection is an art project of Monika called “Begriffsstudio” which ““archives and probes the linguistic lapses, intellectual epiphanies, strange and notable word constructions that emerge in the everyday life of the media,” as the literary critic Michael Braun put it. ” (quote from Poetry International Rotterdam).

Now, of course, my English readers and fellow poets cannot necessarily use this word collection therefore, I had to get creative: I googled “curious words” and came up with this page: f2.org “curious words and phrases” which will be our English substitute.

But now with no further ado into @FrauPaulchen’s prompt:

“how wonderful your memorynets were! many thanks for those. it is amazing what can and may develop from a “simple” quote. congratulations to so much text diversity!

and maybe you realised: unexcitedly the first third of #frapalymo in November has gone by. that means we come to the second third which, after the euphoria of the beginning and before the countdown of the poets month, sometimes drags a little. for it not to have a chance to drag too much I have chosen a prompt which some of you might know from my blog if you read it just before the “kunstsommer/artsummer” (an art course in Irsee Germany every summer).

that is why the prompt for #frapalymo no 11 is: use one or two expressions from “Begriffsstudio” (for English poets from f2.org”curious words and phrases) in your texts”. the “Begriffsstudio” was initiated by Monika Rinck, who was master of the poetry class in “Kunstsommer” in Irsee in 2014. on the begriffsstudio page you will find a wonderful conglomeration of curious phrases, astonishing combinations and excellent prompts. please tell us which words/phrases you have used. and now: have fun!

and the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter, if you want to verse with me, that means I can tweet the link to your post. or post your poem or the link to your poem in the comment section under my poem on the according day. hashtag for me to recognise the tweet is #frapalymo (mainly in German) and I am @FrauPaulchen.”
Of course, you can leave your poem or the link to it here on “The Bee Writes…” in the comment section and I will tweet about it and tell Sophie.
Attention: You can go to the “Begriffstudio” page and translate words you want to use for your poem but otherwise just use the words from “f2.org curious words and phrases”.
The words I have chosen are:
1003 Hadeskassiber ~ a secret message from hades (literal translation). On the page it says: send after someone in the afterlife, here from Ursula Ziebarth to Gottfried Benn
1017 Splitterschutzwesen ~ flak creature (literal translation). On the page it explains, that the letter “t” is missing, which would have made “Wesen/creature” into “Westen/vests”. The original expression would be “flak jacket” in English


how often
have I
to you?
your reception
the afterlife

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